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I came across these two tree swallows be

Waarom Samen?

  • things don't go the way they should and it doesn't change

  • you are not being listened to

  • to be angry, to be nice. It does not help

  • i'm so tired of it

  • i don't like it anymore

  • I tend to give up

Hoe dan?

Do you recognize any of the above? 
You risk getting stuck with your approach. Again and again it seems like a repetition of moves. Let's talk. Because maybe another perspective is possible, there are other options to choose. Quite often we get stuck somewhere with thinking and doing patterns that once worked, but don't anymore.  With the help of PRI and the STAP dialogue, we can gain clarity and achieve a lot.

What does guidance mean to you?

  • you will see through your patterns and those in your team and discover what they are about
  • you break through the patterns that no longer help and brake
  • you make choices that really belong to you, permanently
  • and you reap the fruits of that: success and fun
Voorinschrijving Groep PRI

There is no standard formula for guidance 

Even Kennismaken

20 min



I came across these two tree swallows before sunrise one morning_edited.jpg
Contactgroep PRI

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€ 30,- per keer

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