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Dit ben ik

     I went my salvation
search in nature and especially with birds.
Birds don't get angry

Aanhalingstekens sluiten

My trip

From a very young age I was busy and stubborn and I went my own way. So clashed with my parents, with school, with authority. Gradually I started to feel different from others and had less and less connection with peers. Didn't enjoy life at all anymore.

I sought refuge in nature, especially with birds. Because they don't get angry. I started keeping pigeons, chickens, tropical birds. But keeping birds is quite expensive and so I started trading a bit with bicycles to get some money. Didn't have time for school anymore and that's how the salesman and entrepreneur in me woke up. And eventually I rolled into the home trade. Under the illusion that the fame I found there would bring me what I had unconsciously been seeking from childhood: to count, to belong, to be seen.


As my kids grew up and I got stuck in my work, my relationship, and my family, I found I was stuck in a very old pattern. That I got stuck on my limits and that I could do something with them. I see it now as the release from the burden of my past. And I grant that liberation to everyone who is ready for it. That's why I do this job.

Experiences and training

Raised and living in Wijk bij Duurstede

Mortgage and insurance advisor and broker OG

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